“I have known Maarten for over 10 years as a reliable colleague who has developed as a digital wizard, and who, as a people manager, enthusiastically steered his team – and was never afraid of changes and turbulences.”

Jörgen Oosterwaal
Creative director & editor-in-chief Humo & De Morgen

“Working with Maarten is a real pleasure. He knows what he’s talking about. If you need help on your digital strategy, website, social media management,…: he’s the guy you need. He’s an expert in his field and combines this with excellent people management skills.”

Ilse Nollet
Head of Communications Greenpeace Belgium

“Maarten has shown great added value within a short period of time within our company, both in the area of marketing through social media, extensive briefings and analysis of campaigns, and in transferring social media skills to our entire team. Always with clear communication, which I love. On top of that quickly creating the necessary graphic material that was still missing, shooting a video and editing it? It all turns out to be no problem.
It is exceptional that one can mean so much in so short a time on many fronts and at the same time. High level! A virtue to work with.”

Greet Meert & Winok Seresia
Owners Kapitein Winokio

Thorough insight into digital business combined with an efficient hands-on approach, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Maarten. I spent 7 years as a colleague at Humo, where for several years he was my direct report for all things digital innovation. Maarten was on the front row when common sense was handed out, but above all is powerful in digital project management, he works till it works. And it certainly is no disadvantage that he is a restful and loyal fellow man.”

Chantal Janssens
Director Communities at Mediafin (De Tijd, L’Echo)

Proactive and creative is what comes to mind when I think about Maarten. Above all Maarten has a nose for the newest digital trends and how to engage the online audience. I can only recommend working with him.”

Tessa Vilyn
Head of Communications at Red Bull Belgium

“’We use ‘content’ to increase the relevance of our relationships with customers and stakeholders’, you often hear. More often, execution turns out to be a difficulty.
Maarten has years of experience as a digital content creator and realizer. He knows how to manage people, think up concepts, set the tone, manage the visual aspect, get results and keep costs under control. Humor and creativity always come into play.”

Bénédicte Lobelle
CMO at The National Lottery

“I have forgotten whether or not it is Maarten who invented the Internet. The fact of the matter is that they know each other as well as a couple celebrating their golden wedding.”

Sam De Graeve
Crossmedia Publisher at Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

“Our collaboration with Maarten ensures greater digital awareness within our organization. He developed strategies that help us to take big steps forward in the digital world. In addition, Maarten thinks along with the organization, keeps an overview in all circumstances and provides solutions.”

Raffi Aghekian
Director at Human(art)istic Festival

It was really very pleasant to work with Maarten, he understood exactly what we were looking for. We produced several campaigns, strong in content, with a good rhythm, and inspiring for an audience of young people in Brussels.

Maya Galle
Communication Coordinator at ART2WORK

“I worked with Maarten on two very different assignments. Maarten keeps the overview and keeps the goals in sight. Critical, but encouraging. Pleasant cooperation, professional and to the point.”

Lies Cattersel
Freelance copywriter, content creator & storyteller