Tessa Vilyn
Head of Communications at Red Bull Belgium 

“Above all Maarten has a nose for the newest digital trends and knows how to engage the online audience. I can only recommend working with him.”

M.Advice is the right partner for your digital communication & growth

Main focus: media, business and socio-cultural organizations
Key expertise: digitization of consumer behaviour
Role: process facilitator, coach, consultant
Style: pragmatic, result-oriented
Commitment: short and long term collaborations depending on availability and need

Working with me is injecting into your activities an extensive experience in strategic and operational management, in both commercial and socio-cultural organizations, always focussed on growth.

Chantal Janssens
Director Communities at Mediafin (De Tijd, L’Echo)
“Thorough insight into digital business combined with an efficient hands-on approach, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Maarten Denys.”

The common thread running through this multidisciplinary background being the continuous adaptation and innovation of products, processes and platforms. This in-depth involvement has generated an applicable expertise in the rising digitization of consumer behavior, communication platforms, media and digital content.

martinoXSmallIsn’t it magnificent that one person with one internet connection has the world at his/her fingertips?
I turned my experience into my profession. I love doing what I do, and I aspire all the things we could accomplish. My way of doing business? I will never overpromise. And I will go all the way to overdeliver.

Based on that know-how, I am now acting under M. Advice, providing strategic, tactical and creative advice. These coaching and consultancy projects helps companies and organizations like yours to grow digitally and to amplify your impact in a rapidly transforming society.

M.Advice acts as a process facilitator to stimulate internal cooperation, transformation and involvement and stands for a pragmatic, result-oriented service.

– Maarten Denys

Bénédicte Lobelle
Head of Digital Business, Strategy & Management at Nationale Loterij 

“Maarten has years of experience as a digital content producer. He knows how to manage people, think up concepts, set the tone, manage the visual aspect, get results and keep costs under control.”

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